Tucker Ag serves the needs of almond growers throughout the Central Valley of California. We use our extensive industry resources to help them compete with larger growers and achieve maximum returns on their product. Our #1 priority is the best interest of the growers we work with!

Almonds Run in the Family

History of Tucker AG

Richard Tucker Sr. launched Tucker Ag in 1988 after a long history in the almond business. He was the former plant production manager for Tenneco West and later their Head of Grower Relations for Almonds, Pistachios, and Raisins. He quickly became a representative of the almond growers of California, using his knowledge of the industry to their benefit.

Around 1996, Rick Tucker Jr. joined the family business he’d watched his father build. Rick continually puts the needs of the growers first by handling their contract negotiations and crop reporting as well as acting as their agent in the packing industry. Tucker Ag works with both Seasonal Pool and Call Pool Growers and can help growers decide which program best suits their needs.

For over 20 years, Tucker Ag has served a base clientele of growers in California’s Central Valley and continues to work hard to help maximize the returns for their growers’ product.

Who We Work With

Almond Growers

At Tucker Ag, our top priority is representing the almond growers of California. Our company serves growers who are seeking sales, marketing and logistical expertise. We bring the resources of bigger companies to smaller growers, allowing them to compete effectively with the largest growers in the state. We also take pride in providing each of our clients personal and attentive service. They’re able to work with just one person to market and sell their product, which saves them time and frustration throughout the process.


A big part of representing growers is selling their product and cultivating relationships with packers. Packers are able to come to us for their buying needs, and we work with growers to meet their demands.

Please contact us for purchasing opportunities.


Sales & Marketing

  • Negotiating with almond packers for the best possible Seasonal Pool terms
  • Using our contacts and experience to help Call Pool growers make better selling decisions

Accounting Services

  • Tracking the product from harvest to final sale and payment
  • Ensuring growers are paid for the correct weight
  • Handling any discrepancies encountered through the process

Real-Time Market Analysis

  • Leveraging relationships throughout the industry to offer unique market insights
  • Giving trend-based recommendations on information consumers can’t get by themselves
  • Providing growers with direct access to expert industry knowledge
  • Delivering regular market updates via our site’s convenient Client Area

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